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Inquisitive Dolphins

Story and photos by Rusty Kempe

In early February 2005, my friend Al and I headed out for a days fishing on his boat, The Mirage. We had just finished setting our prawn traps, and Al had put us on course for our first Salmon hot spot of the day. Even for the moderate climate of Coastal BC it was a warm sunny day and the ocean's glass surface was broken only by the wake of our boat.

Mid way to our destination, a disturbance in the water caught my attention. What appeared to me to be a rip tide, Al recognized as a pod of approaching dolphins. He quickly cut back the throttle and then positioned the boat so the dolphins would pass along our port side, however, dolphins are as inquisitive about us as we are about them, and they altered their course to come directly at us.

Dolphins under the surface

Nearing our boat, the group of about 40 split and passed on either side of us. I managed to snap a few pictures of them as they cruised by, and unwittingly captured one of the dolphins under the surface less than 10 feet from our boat. Once past the bow, the curious lot reunited and then swam another complete circle around our craft before resuming their journey.

Dolphins under the surface

As we parted ways, each in search of good fishing grounds, I quickly refocused my attention on preparing our gear. The task paid dividends for we ended the day with a 9.5lb Spring Salmon and 150 prawns for our efforts. Leaving the docks for home, admiring the golden sunset, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how fortunate we are to live near such a rich natural resource.

Dolphins under the surface
The day's catch of Prawns