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Fishing in Powell River

Welcome to Powell River Fishing. This website provides information about opportunities, techniques, and resources for fishing in the Powell River and Upper Sunshine Coast area.

What's New

The Powell River Salmon Society is expanding their Mill Hatchery Facility. Wayne sent us this movie clip, A Fish Tale, on the work in progress to install 5 new rearing tanks.

The Powell River Salmon Society held their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday June 13, 2006. Here is a copy of the Managers Presentation in pdf format.

Fisheries and Oceans has changed the regulations regarding Lingcod. Check the Powell River Sport Fishing Advisory Committee page for more details.

Read about the 31 pound Winter Tyee that Hugh landed on February 18.

I have heard several excellent reports on Trout Fishing from local lakes. If you have any reports or pictures, send them our way, and we will post them on our site.

Check the Powell River Fishing Message Board for local fishing information, issues, closures, restrictions, etc.

Recent Photos

640x480 image 57KB Download Bill's grin shows how happy he was to get up early to land this 22lb Chinook. This fish fell for a coyote wonderstripe at 80 feet near Grant Reefs.

568x480 image 79KB Download This pair weighed 17.5lbs and 18.5lbs and were caught at the Iron mines and Mace Point respectively. Herb was fishing on July 16 at 4:30am and back before 11:00am. Check the Message board for more details.

584x640 image 97KB Download Herb with a 26lb Chinook caught near the Iron Mines on a wonderstripe Coyote at 50ft.

640x480 image 72KB Download Gerard was visiting from Mackenzie and reeled in this 18.5lb Chinook. He caught this fish trolling a herring at 90ft in front of the Westview ferry terminal.

640x480 image 121KB Download Kyle caught and released this trophy at Lois Lake on March 17, a week before his 16th birthday. He was fishing a 5/6 weight fly rod with a leach pattern on 6lb tippet. It took him 20 minutes to land this 28 inch Rainbow that weighed 9lbs 8oz.

640x480 image 91KB Download Jeremy with an 18lb Chinook June 30 at Grant Reefs. One of many in his new boat.

640x480 image 82KB Download Peter caught this 15lb Chinook June 24 at Grant Reefs on an Army Truck spoon in 90ft of water. While fighting this fish, the reel fell apart, so Peter brought this fish back to the boat by hand.

640x480 image 74KB Download Glen sent this picture of a 21lb Chinook that he caught June 22 near Grief Point . He was fishing a wonderbread spoon in 80ft of water.

640x480 image 96KB Download Here is a pair of Chinook salmon caught March 2 by Andy and Rusty on the backside of Harwood Island. These fish weighed 18lbs and 19.5lbs and were caught fishing anchovies at 110ft.

640x480 image 60KB Download Nice Catch Hugh! This Tyee that weighed in at 31.8 pounds was caught by Hugh on February 18 on a black and white hoochie fishing between the ferry dock and the view point at a depth of 160 ft.

640x480 image 75KB Download I only had a few hours to fish, so I went out at the tide change Feb 11, and landed this 24lb Chinook

You can view more photos in the Powell River Fishing Photo Gallery.

If you have any comments or suggestions you can email the us at administrator@powellriverfishing.com or post a message on the Message Board.

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